Club Talentsoft 2021



Talentplug, the only multiposting solution with human touch, and therefore the only one that works/performs well. Leader on the French market, Talentplug offers a multiposting solution that integrates with HR software. > A tool that helps companies of all sizes (SMEs*, mid-size companies and large corporations) and recruitment professionals (temporary employment agencies and recruitment firms) in France and in their worldwide companies. > Efficient and easy to set up, it publishes job offers on more than 250 job boards in one click. Managing all subscriptions on a single platform, sourcing the best profiles... Talentplug makes recruiters' life easier, allowing them to focus on what really matters: talent! > Its service desk is also a powerful asset. A fully dedicated team that supports each client on a daily basis: training, technical expertise/ assistance, quality follow-up. - Save time - Optimize your recruitment process - Use an interface integrated with your HR software - Manage your HR budget - Increase the visibility of your job offers - Source the most talented candidates. * Small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs)

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