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Welcome to the Club
Hear from our execs as they provide an update on our latest company, customer, and product news. During the opening keynote, Nadia Charbit will interview Talentsoft COO Marc Bonnamour and Geoffrey Janvier, VP Product & Engineering to talk about the changes brought by a year of transformation and share an overview on what Talentsoft deployed to meet its customers’ expectations. They’ll also share a sneak peek into the product innovations and the business results. [French video available by clicking on the 'Replay' button in the Menu]
MarcBonnamour (Talentsoft)GeoffreyJanvier (Talentsoft)
Product Launch
A sneak peek at our latest product launches, all through the lens of Talentsoft customers. Talentsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Alexandre Pachulski will host this year’s Product Launch alongside product marketing managers Laura Primeau and Amayas Sadeg. They will take you on a tale of two stories to show how Talentsoft’s latest product innovations drive meaningful organizational transformation: 1. Story #1: “Engagement from Day One” 2. Story #2: “Protecting People Over Jobs” These product demos have been designed specifically to bring both of these stories to life. In the end, you’ll learn how to use Talentsoft’s products to engage employees in new ways, encourage them to take ownership of their professional development, and empower managers to become connectors of opportunity. Then, you’ll hear from Etienne Montange, HRIS Manager at AKKA Technologies and Delphine Broillet, Design & Digital Learning Innovation & Marketing VP at TotalEnergies as they discuss the different strategies they’ve put into place to drive transformation within their respective organizations. [French video available by clicking on the 'Replay' button in the Menu]
DelphineBroillet Perquin-Georges (TotalEnergies)ÉtienneMontange (AKKA Technologies)AlexandrePachulski (Talentsoft)LauraPrimeau (Talentsoft)AmayasSadeg (Talentsoft)
Framatome Customer Story
Accelerate Digital Transformation by sticking to personal expectations [French video available by clicking on the 'Replay' button in the Menu]
OlivierBisson (Talentsoft)DominiqueGiljean (Framatome)
Round-Up Session
Work together and Be together: Where does digital transformation stand? Organizational transformation can face a number of challenges. Changes in company structure, shifts in employee culture, new ways of working—and the list goes on—can cause even the most well-intentioned transformation efforts to fail. At the beginning of the pandemic, it became clear that the most successful companies started to leverage new technologies in innovative ways to help teams collaborate virtually, improve productivity, and stay focused on achieving common goals. But for all of the many benefits that technology has brought to organizations during this unprecedented time, has any human connection been lost along the way? Join Anne-Claire Porter Guillaumet, Global Customer Care Director at Talentsoft for an insightful conversation with Lacoste's SIRH, Benoit Paris and Microsoft’s Talent Development Director, Paul Horrel. Together, they will discuss how digital transformation can not only drive greater collaboration across teams—and within organizations—but also fuel a sense of humanity and togetherness in areas like onboarding or talent management in a still predominantly remote working world. [French video available by clicking on the 'Replay' button in the Menu]
PaulHorrel (Microsoft)BenoitParis (Lacoste)Anne-ClairePorter Guillaumet (Talentsoft)
Exploration Session
Microsoft & Talentsoft innovate together [French video available by clicking on the 'Replay' button in the Menu]
ChristopherMcNulty (Microsoft)AlexandrePachulski (Talentsoft)
Closing Keynote
Let’s continue to Innovate and build the #1 HR Saas Champion in Europe In this keynote, Talentsoft CEO Jean-Stephane Arcis will share insights about how he foresees innovation in the HCM industry as well as key milestones coming up for Talentsoft. [French video available by clicking on the 'Replay' button in the Menu]
Jean-StéphaneArcis (Talentsoft)

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