Club Talentsoft 2021

Thank you all for another great edition of Club Talentsoft!

On-demand videos available on the Replay page, in English and French.


It’s not enough to simply talk about transformation anymore. We must bring it to life in everything we do.

2020 taught us the true value of being agile, adaptable, and resilient in the face of unexpected challenges, underscoring a need for meaningful and sustainable workplace transformation.

‘Transformation’ can no longer be a top-down discussion within organizations. Today, it’s up to ground-level managers—and their teams—to be the new catalysts for ongoing organizational change. 

Addressing today’s "new normal" requires a renewed focus on soft skills like humility and authenticity, built alongside a new leadership model that will create and foster stronger connections between people. Collaboration and co-creation are key to achieving this, and the right, future-focused technology will play its role in creating fresh opportunities. 

That’s why it goes without saying that transformation is now our collective responsibility and, in our minds, the only way organizations can truly unlock their full potential, one talent at a time.

Join us to learn what real transformation looks like at Club Talentsoft 2021!    



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