Everyone has their own unique combination of dreams, emotions, and aspirations. At a time when employees are searching for purpose in their (work) life, organizations must embrace both their own and their employees' singularity. This means that they need to acknowledge their people's aspirations and talents, define what makes their organization unique and how this translates into competitive advantages.
Download a sample justification letter to help you make an internal approval request to attend Club Talentsoft 2019 on June 4th & 5th in Barcelona. Simply fill in the highlighted sections of the text to have your own personalized letter.

Product Workshops

Attend these sessions led by Talentsoft Product Managers to learn about new functionalities and see product vision & roadmaps.
Talentsoft Learning
Performance & Competencies
Talentsoft Hub


The 2019 edition will be a 2-day conference in Barcelona. You will be able to network with top decision makers, check out Talentsoft’s product roadmap, and meet renowned influencers talking about the future of work. The event will be a truly immersive experience through hands-on sessions, exchange of best practices, and demos of innovative tools.
English and French audio-translations are planned during the event.

Best of 2018

For the 1st international edition of its 2-day annual user conference in Amsterdam, Talentsoft brought 600 participants from 30 different countries under one roof to discuss reinventing the employee experience.

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